News stone mill running!

October 2013

The new stone milled and cold pressed Astrikas Estate organic olive oil is running...

Japanese & Cretan culinary demonstration in Chania, Crete

April 17, 2013

Biolea's guests, Ms. Etsuko Yoshida and Ms. Sachiko Kudo, executives of First International Corporation, escorted master chefs and restaurant owners, Mr Takashi Jomae and Keiichiro Okubo, in a two-day event which explored and demonstrated Japanese and Cretan cuisine.

The executive chef of Minoa Palace Resort and Spa, Mr. Yiannis Tsivourakis, conducted a culinary demonstration where traditional Japanese and Cretan dishes were prepared using Biolea's stone milled and cold pressed organic olive oil and local ingredients.

Chef Yiannis introduces our guests to some Cretan traditional dishes with gourmet preparation and presentation.

Ms. Yioshida and Ms. Kudo donned aprons and helped chef Okubo to clean broad beans for the soup. At the same time Chef Jomae was preparing the steamed rice for sushi, adding olive oil to it.

Greek salad and sushi side by side, with olive oil as the common ingredient.

Japanese sachimi finished with a mist of olive oil and Cretan boiled wild askolibri.

Cretan wine tasting at Biolea

April 17, 2013

Our Japanese guests had the chance to meet wine producers from across the island of Crete and taste traditional and international varieties.

University of the Mountains hosted by Biolea

April 8, 2013
  • - Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris, founder of UoM, professor of ophthalmology and Dean of the University of Crete
  • - Mr. Dimitris Lydakis, professor of Oenology at the Technical Educational Institute
  • - Dr. Christos Lionis MD, Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care, Director, Clinic of Social and Family Medecine

The philosophy of The University of the Mountains:

"Among the objectives of the University of the Mountains is the protection of human and natural environments, the boost of local economy through modern management tools for the deterrence of exploitation regarding natural resources, the annihilation of delinquency and the independence from loan and subsidiary-orientated economy. The project, therefore, aspires on the one hand to restore lost human relationships and the cultural identity of small societies, and to redefine, on the other, human happiness in the context of human indicators rather than financial data."

University of the Mountains,

Ecotourism Training Concept

October 1-3, 2012

Kick -off meeting for the program Ecotourism Training Concept, funded by the Education and Culture Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci. Participants from six countries met at Biolea and worked towards obtaining a common understanding of what sustainable and eco sensitive tourism is all about.

Representatives from Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria and Greece at the programme's first meeting.

Chloe Dimitriadis presents the concept of eco-tourism practiced at Biolea, Astrikas Estate in Chania Crete.

Polish National TV visits Biolea

August 2, 2012

Pascal Brodnicki, a famous chef and TV persona in Poland, visited Biolea with a crew from the Polish National TV channel (TVN) in order to demonstrate, with the help of chef Yiannis Apostolakis, President of the Cretan Culinary Network, the use of olive oil by creating salads with local Cretan ingredients.

BBC News visits Biolea

July 20, 2012

A BBC News Channel crew visited Biolea and was introduced to organic traditionally-produced Biolea products and to an important Cretan culinary destination. Fast Track is a travel news television show broadcast on BBC World News. It is a 30 minute programme made in the UK to air weekly internationally. Fast Track updates travellers on world issues that may have an impact on their international travel. It provides insight on the political, economic, social and safety climate one may experience in the countries which it covers.

Zoe Novack, an independent expert culinary consultant guides the BBC crew in a degustation of Biolea organic stone milled and cold pressed olive oil.

Culinary Event Provides User's Manual for Cretan Olive Oil

March 17, 2012
"Students from the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Italy in Bra, had the rare opportunity to learn how olive oil is used in Cretan cuisine and to taste traditional dishes. The dishes presented were representative of the diet of the people of Crete back in the 60's when they had the lowest rates of heart disease, the highest intake of olive oil (almost all dishes have olive oil as their main ingredient), and the highest life expectancy in the world."

By Elena Paravantes RD Olive Oil Times Health Editor | Reporting from Athens

National Geographic sponsored expedition

November 2, 2011

The "Olive Odyssey" expedition made a stopover in Chania to visit Biolea and record the revived age old method of stone milling and cold pressing olive oil. The expedition is undertaking a 3,500 km voyage by small boat from Spain to the Middle East, retracing the trading routes of early seafaring merchants to explore the lands sculpted by the olive tree and uncover how the olive first came to those shores. This National Geographic sponsored expedition, taking place from August to December 2011, is led by best-selling authors Julie Angus and Colin Angus and will be the subject of a book and documentary.

OLIVEBIOTEQ 2011 Conference

November 2, 2011

Participating scientists from the international conference OLIVEBIOTEQ 2011, which is organized by the Institute of Olive and Subtropical Plants of Chania, visited Biolea where the revived traditional method of stone milling and cold pressing was presented by Biolea's Yiorgos Dimitriadis.

Jean-Louis Barjol's visit

November 1, 2011

The Executive Director of the International Olive Oil Council Mr. Jean-Louis Barjol, escorted by the director of the Institute of Olive and Subtropical Plants of Chania Dr. Chartzoulakis, visited Biolea's installations and was guided through the revived traditional stone milling and cold pressing olive oil production method by Biolea's Yiorgos Dimitriadis.