A Walk in Astrikas Tropical Garden

A Walk in Astrikas Tropical Garden

We would love to claim all the hard work that went in to creating this beautiful tropical garden in our village of Astrikas but the reality is that this is the life’s work of our neighbor Dr. Spyros Lionakis.  Dr. Lionakis is one of the most important scientists and senior researchers on Mediterranean and Tropical-Subtropical fruit plants in Greece and has been a respected professor in the technological educational institute of Crete.  His passion and life’s work is to build a tropical garden in our village, a hidden gem that few have had the chance to explore!  Dr. Lionakis is an organic olive producer we collaborate with both for our olive oil production as well as provides us with organic fruits and vegetables we use in our restaurant.

Come take a walk with us through the village of Astrikas where you can explore, harvest fruit directly from the tree and of course taste all the Mediterranean and Tropical Fruit in Dr. Lionakis gardens such as pomegranate, litchi, persimmon, oranges, lemons, grape-fruit, mandarin, loquat, mango, avocado, passion fruit, artichoke, apricot, plum,  almonds, pecans, figs, peaches, and many more!

The walking tour will start from Biolea Astrikas Estate at 18:00,  we will walk through the village of Astrikas where Dr. Lionakis has his gardens and in every stop we will harvest seasonal fruits and vegetables.  At our final stop we will sit at Dr. Lionakis’ family home and enjoy the freshly harvested goods!

Total distance walking: 2klm

Required: Please best to bring with you a protective hat from the sun and hiking shoes.

Minimum charge: 100 Euros.


20€ 2.5 Hours

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