The Olive Oil Enthusiast Tour & Menu

The Olive Oil Enthusiast Tour & Menu

The Olive Oil Enthusiast Tour is a semi private tour for those who want a deeper insight into olive oil production, quality and tasting.

The tour includes a guided tour of our production process and a mini seminar on Cretan olive oil production and what olive oil quality means. The group will then sit at our restaurant and experience an introduction on how to taste olive oil which will include two different Cretan olive varieties and is followed by olive oil pairing with dishes specifically designed by our Chef to showcase olive oil an the Cretan Diet. A glass of wine from a Cretan local winery is included.

Menu can be flexible according to dietary restrictions.

Please book at least one day in advance otherwise booking confirmation is not guaranteed

55€ Duration 70-90 minutes



New York

We learned so much from visiting the Biolea farm — who knew there was so much to potentially learn about olive oil production? Our tour was fascinating and informative, and the olive oils are so delicious.



Great factory tour with lots of details about olive oil production. Learned so much about the differences in olive oil quality levels and production methods!


Manicelo Jumi


It was the first time we visited an olive farm and we could not have chosen better!
The road to the plant is spectacular, great views!!!



North Carolina

Our experience at Biolea Olive Oil Estate was fantastic. Chloe, daughter of the owner, was friendly and knowledgeable about olive trees, olives, and of course the organic oil production for the family brand.




Our guide was very interesting. The place is a little bit hard to find but it worth it! It’s a beautiful place to visit and the olive oil is very good!


Hamburg, Germany

I had a very kind email contact with Chloe and we’ve visited biolea today. We had tour through the fabric, with a lot of information. It was very interesting and Chloe was very friendly! At the end of the tour you had the chance to try the different oils! Really good! We can recommend it!!!