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Biolea Lemonio Lamb with Oregano

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Chef Michalis Papadakis


For Lamb:

2 kg lamb

juice from 3 lemons

150ml Biolea Lemonio

2 cloves garlic

fresh oregano

120ml white wine preferably Vidiano


For Sauce:

2 tbsp all purpose flour



In a large pot add Biolea Lemonio olive oil and sautee the lamb well until its brown. Add garlic, fresh oregano, salt, pepper and stir.  Add wine, lemon juice and one glass of water and let simmer for about one hour on low heat until the meat is soft.  If the meat isn’t soft after one hour add more water and let simmer until it is done.

For the sauce, remove the meat from the pot and keep the juices.  Pass juices through a strainer to remove any possible pieces of bones.  Use a blender to blend the juices from the meat with flour to create the sauce.


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