A unique gastronomical journey into the world of olive oil will be taking place on the 23rd of August 2023 at 19:00 at Biolea Astrikas Estate.
We present to you Olive Euphoria- Sunset to Moonlight Editon, a unique event combining olive oil, a culinary tasting experience and breathtaking views.

The evening will start with a tour of the olive mill by Eftichi Androulaki and Chloe Dimitriadis. An opportunity to learn all the secrets behind olive oil production and to learn all about the hard work that goes into producing a high quality olive oil.
The culinary journey will follow with a five course dinner prepared by chef Iosif Petrof and chef Michalis Papadakis. Each dish on the menu will be paired with a different olive oil from Biolea and Pamako production. Carefully chosen local ingredients will be combined to create authentic and unique flavors which will be accompanied by somellier Stella Diomantaraki wine selection from local wineries.
A wonderful playful surprise also will be part of the evening. During the event our guests will have the chance to take part in an olive oil themed game in which we will learn in playfully ways about Crete’s liquid gold.
Join us in this exciting culinary adventure through which we will learn all the secrets behind the olive oil we love.

For reservations or further information please contact us at yioula@biolea.gr or call us at +306946255290.