Stone Milled & Cold Pressed

Biolea has been successful in the challenge of bringing the traditional olive oil production system up to today’s food production standards by applying cutting edge technology and operating from a solid scientific base.

Olive oil produced with millstones and presses retains maximum nutritive benefits, and is distinguished by its mild, sweet taste. The traditional method is labour intensive and requires specialization and experience, nevertheless, Biolea is committed to maintaining and promoting this “slower” method because it produces superior quality olive oil.

Single Estate

Biolea is an artisanal olive oil, the exclusive product of our family-owned olive groves. Estate olive oils, like estate wines, are prized for their distinctive characteristics, which are influenced by natural factors such as soil, altitude, microclimate and olive variety. Cultivation and production techniques add to the individuality of the product’s character. At Astrikas Estate, Mediterranean island microclimate, perfect elevation 300 meters above sea level, and arid and organic cultivation of the Koroneiki olive variety shape the distinct characteristics of our olive oil.

Sustainable Production

The Astrikas Estate family olive groves are farmed organically without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and have been certified organic for the past 20 years.
Beyond organic cultivation, Biolea has developed sustainable ways of farming in order to help preserve the environment. Although our olive trees produce less without irrigation, arid cultivation helps conserve our island’s precious water supply and avoid the introduction of non-biodegradable PVC plastic irrigation pipes. At the same time, we have discontinued plowing or any heavy machinery in our fields to help prevent the increasingly concerning issue of soil erosion in Crete.

High Phenolic

At Biolea we pride ourselves in the careful and simple cultivation, harvesting and production practices used to produce olive oil with the least amount of processing and damage to the flavor, aromas and health benefits the olive fruit has to offer. As a result, Biolea olive oil has a high concentration of antioxidants and health benefits, up to seven times more total polyphenols than the average olive oil. In accordance to European Union regulation 432/2012, the hydroxytyrosol derivatives that Biolea has, are over 5mg/20gr olive oil. A daily consumption of 20gr of Biolea protects the blood lipids from oxidative stress.