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Biolea Tomato Salad

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Chef Michalis Papadakis


3 ripe tomatoes

10 cherry tomatoes

50gr Carob rusks

1 tbsp Mizythra Soft Goat Cheese

1 handful Purslane

8 Black Kalamata Olives

3-4 Pickled Caper Fruits

1/2 Red Onion sliced

Basil & Mint


60ml Biolea Extra Virgin Olive oil

1tsp Red Wine Vinegar


For Raw Tomato Sauce:

Take one of the ripe tomatoes and grate the insides through a cheese grater.  Discard the tomato skins.   Add 20ml Olive Oil, 1/3 tsp salt, pepper to taste, basil and mint finely chopped.

For Salad:

Break carob rusks into pieces and place them in the bottom of the plate. Pour ontop the raw tomato sauce.  Cut the other tomatoes into large pieces, salt them and place them over the carob rusks and tomato sauce. Add red wine vinegar and slices of onion.  Add olives and caper fruit.  Finally add the tablespoon of myzithra cheese topped with purslane and pieces of basil.  Pour rest of olive oil over salad.

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